Down for the count. No really.

Wow. There's so little time left before the wedding. We've got a game plan set up, and several very important people have volunteered a lot of their time to help out, for which we will be forever grateful.

As you can expect, I hardly have time to post anything, but I thought a series of pictures I've been collecting on my iPhone should suffice for today.

El Senor is replacing me with a couch. Probably this one. The couch he'd previously purchased was a little too stiff and not great for tv watching. I'm sad that he'll use my last rent check to buy this, instead of buying me an extra huge wedding present. Sometimes, I just don't know where his priorities are.

Me on an over sized, useless piece of furniture. I'm wearing the coat that Murray brought me back from his trip to New York. Yes, I'm a spoiled, spoiled woman.

Me, on a different day, on another piece of over sized, useless furniture. Only I think that if I had a gigantic house, I might actually be able to make this gaudy thing into a successful piece of interest. I'm not willing to buy it (a thousand bucks) to try it out though.

The line outside the Apple store for all those who wanted to get Leopard. It was released at 6:00. The funny thing is that due to a shipping error, Murray had already received Leopard, before the release time. If I'd known that when I took this picture, I would have enjoyed the sight of everyone lined up that much more.

And this brief story has no picture, but it happened this morning. I got a phone call from a blocked number. When I picked up the phone, I heard the voice of an older man:

Man: Good morning. Sweetheart.

Me: [Trying to place the voice, deciding to make him talk a little longer to see if I could figure out who it was, but seeing as I knew it wasn't my dad or Murray and I couldn't think of who else might call me sweetheart, I figured it was a wrong number.] Good morning.

Man: [Waiting for me to say more...] Uh... who am I speaking to?

Me: This is Cicada.

Man: Oh. I think I may have the wrong number. I was calling for Rowena.

Me: As much as I would love to be your sweetheart, I'm afraid that's just not me. But good luck finding the right number!

Man: Thank you! You have a good day!


TOWR said...

"f I'd known that when I took this picture, I would have enjoyed the sight of everyone lined up that much more." This is why we're friends--the schadenfreude!!!! :)

Aoi Sakura said...

The phone call story just made me laugh. Thanks for a laugh in an otherwise fairly uneventful day!

spart said...

That Apple store photo is hot. Like, really hot.

I wish we had an Apple store.