Definitely not okay.

Phone conversation between me and Murray 30 seconds ago:

Me: Hey.

Murray: Hey. (Kindof echoey.)

Me: Where are you now?

Murray: I'm actually on the can.

Me: That's great. Where are you on the can?

Murray: At work.

Me: I'm hanging up this phone right now.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Oops. Apparently I have a lot to learn about the "when and where is it okay to answer your phone on the can" You are already tutoring me in life's important lessons.

That being said and related to he subject at hand, toilet paper should ALWAYS be rolled forward and NOT behind.

Let it be known.

AzĂșcar said...

It's like you're really married.

Jenny said...

In the words of one of the greatest modern poets 'if this aint love then I don't know what love is'

Anonymous said...

my husband has a rule and it's that i can't talk about bathroom stuff unless i'm actually in the bathroom. :)

Jordy said...

I thought everyone answered the phone in the bathroom. I know whoever sits on the can in the bathrooms in the Talmage building answers their phone.

My grandparents had/still have phones in their bathrooms. Apparently it was really cool to have a phone in every room of your house.

The Holyoaks said...

You'll have to tell Murray that his toilet paper rule is out the window once you have kids who discover how fun it is to unroll the goods.
My hubby still shuts the door when he goes to the bathroom. I'm not allowed in. hahaha! That's his time, I guess.

TOWR said...

Murray: Agreed.

I think my friends would be shocked to know just how many phone conversations I've had with them "on the can."

DP said...

The danger is when the (public) toilet you're using has an automatic flush feature.