Merry Christmas!!

Okay. So I did Christmas cards this year. Now, ideally, I would have sent these all out on time, and you would have all gotten them, and then I would have posted our Christmas card just in time for Christmas! But as it is we hit a few speed bumps in this, my first year of being a responsible adult and sending a Christmas card (I AM, after all, THIRTY now!):

1) We kept waiting for snow, and finally by December 12, I realized I could not wait any longer. So my sister-in-law, Tin, took the pictures for us at This Is the Place, which was an EXCELLENT suggestion, as it lent itself to still looking Christmasy. (We have ABUNDANT snow now.)

2) The NIGHT we had the pictures taken, Murray and I did them up into the Christmas card and ordered them and paid extra to have them guaranteed to arrive December 17.

3) They didn't arrive on December 17.

4) They arrived on December 23, which is significantly different from December 17.

5) I addressed them all and got them in the mail December 24!

So now that I've heard that my cards have reached the Canadians, I figure it's not spoiling anyone's surprise to post the card to my blog! I did these up as actual post cards, and one friend who received it said that at first, she thought it was junk mail, and then she recognized my face. So... you know... if you didn't get your Christmas card this year, you may blame your significant other for throwing it in the trash...

(This is just an iPhone photo of our cards... if you want to see a better version of this photo, visit our about page!)

The back, of course, has our address and personal info, but I recapped the year in haiku. Here are the poems, adapted of course to our blog names (I used parentheses where our blog names don't fit with the syllables).

We are self employed!
We take lots of vacations!
The healthcare sucks though.

Cicad(a) is pregnant.
Gullie will have a sister
by the end of March!

Gullie got stitches--
seven on his lower lip.
Don't stand in the tub!

Murr(ay)'s eyes were hurting.
He thought he was going blind.
He just needs glasses.

And for those who were paying attention, our sentiment was ALSO a haiku:

Hope you have a great
[insert holiday of choice]
and happy new year!

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annilygreen said...

this was, by far, the best card we got this year. so great!