Help! Weird Baby Names!!

Hello Internets! I need your help again! I am throwing a baby shower tomorrow and I need as many weird baby names as I can get. You know. We all make fun of them. My aunt knows a little girl named Super Star Eight Jemima. No joke.

By tomorrow, I need at least 20 good weird names. By 4:00 MST. Please fill out my form and don't leave them in comments! I can share them after the shower, but before the game, let's keep them a secret!!



Petit Elefant said...

Lashawnda cleaned my teeth today.

LeDawn is also nice.

Le-anything has a special ring to it.

Red Ras said...

Ha! Ladawn is my mom's name! Though it is a pretty weird name, she still has it better than some of her sisters.

Sarah said...

I was just going to suggest that weird name that you already put in your blog. I forgot that your Aunt is in the Burbank ward and knows that family --- she needs to tell you ALL the names of their children and you will have all the names you need. It's fascinating!

mum said...

Thanks for all your info...
i guess i can use them very well