Christmas Cards!

I think that when you get married, you're supposed to send Christmas cards every year. Some very ambitious single people do this, too, but I certainly never did when I was single. I haven't, either, for the past two married Christmases. But I'm not going to repeat that mistake on this, my third married Christmas!

(It also doesn't hurt that a major major project this year was creating probably about 50 different Christmas card designs for a client.)

If you would like to receive a Christmas card from me this year, fill out this form! Even if you think that I know your address by heart (unless you're my parents or Auntie B, I do not know your address by heart), please add your address so that I have all addresses in one central location!! (And please don't hesitate to add your address, even if you don't feel worthy of a stamp. Trust me. You're worthy of a stamp. And because I'm a designer, I can do the whole thing on the cheap, so the envelopes and cards won't cost that much, either.)

Please note that if I don't recognize who you are, I may not send you a Christmas card :(  OR, I may do an anonymous Christmas card. Hahahaha. It's a possibility.


erin said...

You're secretly setting up a form to solicit prospective clients aren't you. :)


I'd enter my address just to see what your fantastic cards look like but I'd hate to have you sacrifice a stamp just for me.

lilcis said...

I totally want a card! And if you trust me enough to include your address I'll send you one too! Can't access the form from work, though, so I'll have to remember to do it when I get home.