Gulliver Gets It.

Hooray, everyone! Hooray! Gulliver is finally going to sleep like a sane boy! It's been a long time coming. So we did the whole sleep schedule thing, which you'll remember. And then after a while, we got really tired of listening to our first born wail himself to sleep every night. So we got a little more involved and instead of plunking him down in his bed, we'd rock him to sleep in the rocker. Which, according to all the books, is something you shouldn't do. But whatever. It was a time that we really enjoyed spending with him, and was much nicer than hearing him cry. If he woke up while we were putting him in the crib, then he'd cry a little, but never very long.

Well, something happened while I was in Maryland with him. I don't know if it happened because of the adjustment to a new time zone or what, but all of a sudden, Gulliver became an easy baby to put to bed! Now bedtime goes like this:

1) Warm bottle.
2) Cuddly Grover.
3) Hold Gulliver while he holds Grover and drinks the bottle and tell him a bedtime story.

My stories are nothing to speak of. It involves Prince Gulliver going off into the forest on his faithful steed and meeting the forest animals and helping them and becoming friends because Prince Gulliver is beloved by all in his kingdom. So far, he's helped out some birds, a squirrel, a bear, a spider, and a beaver, who locked his dam keys inside his house. (Gulliver didn't laugh at that one.)

But by the end of the story, Gulliver is sufficiently fed, and somewhat relaxy. He's usually not completely asleep. But he's very cuddly and slow and he holds onto Grover in a very adorable way.

And then we put him into the crib. Even though he's a little bit awake.

And he is okay with it!!

I mean, sometimes he sortof cries. But I mean seriously like a 2-syllable cry and he is done. It lasts one second.

He really seems to get it now and is at peace with bedtime!

(Nap time is another story. We still let him cry for nap time, because it only lasts a couple of minutes and because if we didn't, he simply wouldn't take naps.)

(I'd post some pictures, but my phone is dead. But here's a picture from Murray's blog! We played with bubbles for Gulliver's first time last night, and he loved it!)


--r said...

can we hire him to tutor sam?
sorry about your dead phone. maybe it got overloaded with all the cuteness.

Anonymous said...

I am commenting because of a comment you made here:

I got that book for my wedding haha. I was always confused about why....thanks for clearing that up.
blog hoppy

jeri said...

For a while Darcy only wanted a bedtime story about her in a forest made of candy and each night I had to think of more things like peppermint grass and throwing jelly bean rocks into a lake of chocolate milk. It got old.

Parker, on the other hand, wants you to mention every single thing he loves, in sentence form. Once upon a time, Lighting McQueen and Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker went to visit Buzz and Woody and Bullseye and Sally Jessy Rafael. Then they drove backwards under the sea with Nemo and Marlin and Dory and SpiderMan and Batman and they had fruit snacks and cotton candy and rode the Ferris wheel with the St. Louis Cardinals and the entire cast of High School Musical Live On Stage, and Parker drove the mud jeeps and the big jeeps and the RC cars and they all landed on the moon and there were monster trucks. And Mater. And Scooby. And Tow Mater. The end.

Sometimes I think we should make them a tiny book of the funnier stories that they like. Because you know we'll forget.