April Fools!

I'm not actually much of a prankster, although I enjoy a good one, like the time we started calling the Independent Study call center with answers to the Rhonda's School of Dance radio quiz question. When told we got the wrong number, we would ask if we still won a prize. Ha ha. Good times.

Or there was the time on my mission when, during a p-day, one of the elders (for those who aren't lds, "elders" are 19-21 year old boys) left his digital slr on a bench in Rome, so we grabbed it and decided to keep it till he realized it was missing and when he did realize it was missing 45 minutes later, we told him that we didn't have time to go back and look for it because p-day was over and we needed to get back to work. Hahaha. These were the days before digital photography had even caught on, so you can imagine how expensive that camera was (and how few megapixels it probably had). When we finally told him we were joking and gave him back his camera, he still wasn't laughing. Hahaha. Good times.

Or there was that time that all my mom wanted for her bday was BBC's Pride and Prejudice, and instead we got her the latest John Grisham book (who happened to be one of my dad's favorite authors at the time, but not so much my mom's). And we waited till she was really starting to get upset before we have her P&P. Good times!

But what this post is REALLY about is the fact that I was always under the impression that April Fools day ended at noon. All jokes were to be played before noon. So when I realized that's not how it works here in the States, I wondered if that was a Canadian tradition. But NOW I wonder if it was actually just something the elementary school teachers made up.

So how about it canadians? Is it noon or all day?

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Sarah said...

I love a good prank. But I am never very good at thinking them up.

Stu Finnigan said...

Perhaps that noon thing is a self-defense mechanism your Mom concocted to protect herself from your Dad's having too much time to wreak havoc on April 1 ;)

lilcis said...

Maybe it's because by noon people have remembered that it's April Fool's day, so if you want to trick them you have to do it early.

Jordan said...

Of necessity my prank came after noon today. Only one person fell for it, making it my most successful ever. My mom was never much into April Fool's so I never knew the Canadian spin on it.

Anonymous said...

in canada it's all day!

KT said...

It was always over at noon! And I'm certain I heard that at other places than just at school. Hmmm....you've got me thinking now