Murray Wins.

Okay. I need to catch up on a few things here. First of all, I need to tell you about the yogurt thing. Murray wins. Totally. The other morning, I took a Yoplait yogurt and put it in a bowl and then I took a Walmart yogurt and put it in a bowl. I took them up to Murray to serve him in bed (because we've continued the breakfast in bed tradition since the gestational diabetes). He told me that he knew which was which just by looking at them. I thought he was full of it. So he took a bite of the first kind and then a bite of the second kind, and pronounced decidedly that the second kind was Yoplait. And so it was. So I took a bite of both, knowing which was which, and the difference was laughable. As in, BIG DIFFERENCE. So yesterday I conceded and bought a whole big pack of Yoplait at Costco (the only problem being that I love cherry and vanilla the most, and those flavors aren't available in the big packs at Costco).

In other news, I'm going to BlogHer '09 in Chicago and I'm really really excited about it. I am now a conference-going self-employed empowered woman. And so then a friend told me that I really needed to go to Mom 2.0 in February, so I looked it up right on the very day that they opened their early early bird pricing. So last night, Murray and I went for a walk and we had a conversation like this:

Me: So I looked into Mom 2.0 and even the early early bird ticket is much more than I expected.

Murray: Oh? Is it [obscene amount]?

Me: No. It's [obscene amount] and fifty.

Murray: Whoa. Huh. Where is it?

Me: Houston.

At this point, Murray's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas. Thank you Mom 2.0. There is no other city in the world that would have ellicited this reaction and the outpouring of support that was to follow:

Murray: You should sign up for it!!

Of course, I knew by the way he was saying this that he meant that I wouldn't be going to Houston alone.

Me: Really? Okay! I mean, I guess we don't have to pay for everything right away. I can buy the ticket now and then we pay for the hotel and plane tickets later. And really, I think that if I even get two jobs from this, that would probably be enough to cover the whole trip.

[We talk for a while about the valuable networking and what demographic should be represented at this conference. And we talk about where we'll stay and how Murray will just drop me off in the mornings for my conference and then play around Houston with Gulliver. And we talk about how nice it will be to go to Houston in the middle of February. And we talk about going to Pappadeaux's and Pappasito's.]

Me: I really love that I finally have a job where I actually get to travel for the job!!

Murray: Yeah, except for the fact that work doesn't pay for it.

Me: Yes it does. I am work. And I pay for it.

Murray: Yeah, but you're still paying for it.

Me: But at least I get to write it off.

So there we go. We're having a family trip to Houston in February! I am a conference-going self-employed empowered woman! Hooray!

Now for some gratuitous baby photos:


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

What can I say, it allows me the chance to further prove that Houston is actually a cool city.

Janssen said...

I went to a library conference in Houston back in March and it was SO fun.

Even though I paid my own way. Because I am Work.

Deb said...

Sweet! We will see you there! And this IS the best conference ever!

KT said...

David has some training in Houston in September and I was all excited to suggest we go with him because you said you like Houston so much but it's only overnight and so it's not worth me and the kids coming. =< I really wanna go there sometime.

KJ said...

I envy! Houston has great food and great shopping. I'd love to check out that conference.

chosha said...

Sounds like a family trip everyone will enjoy.

That photo of Gulliver sleeping is particularly precious.