Blue Christmas

El Senor said that he's been noticing a theme to my blog lately (other than lack of posts). So today, I've decided to switch gears and blog about another brother. The fun brother.

Not that they're not all fun, but Richie is the one who really ups the fun to its highest notch. In fact, I had a dream two nights ago that he died, and I thought, "Oh no! Family gatherings will never be as much fun again!"

I was supposed to pick Richie up at the airport today. Unfortunately, he was supposed to fly through Denver. When I talked to him this morning, he said that air traffic was backed up so badly that he probably wouldn't make it out here to SLC until Christmas day.

He lives in Maryland near my parents, so I guess the three of them and my grandpa all convened to figure out a way for him to get to SLC. Now, my dad enjoys teasing others and one of his favorite teasing methods is to sing appropriate songs. (If there's no appropriate song that already exists, he'll make one up for the occasion. I'd blog about a time when he made up a song about El Senor's girlfriend and sung it to El Senor's roommate and El Senor got really mad, but I promised that I'd write about another brother today.) So Dad started singing "I'll have a blue Christmas without you..." And then Mom started crying. And then Dad started crying. And then Richie redoubled his efforts and found a way to get to SLC from Christmas Eve to December 29th.

So the fun brother is coming, and it won't be a blue Christmas after all.


eleka nahmen said...

Your family seriously sounds fantastic.

Brinestone said...

So, what was your trick? Also, I don't know how long your little cartoon of yourself has been different, but I like it. You look sassy.

punk rock girl said...

its true. richie is the most fun. but not the best groomed. you cant have everything.

Squirrel Boy said...

I still fondly remember the day a few years back when I got to stand in for Richie and draw a name for the family Christmas gift exchange.