Light Clothing

It's summer and it's HOT. Every day is above 100 degrees. I'm dying.

Murray-bless-his-heart keeps putting the kids in long pants and long shirts. He does this because 1) he's not thinking it through and 2) he's pulling from their drawers instead of the nicely-folded-stacked piles of laundry that are waiting to be put away. (Want to guess whose job it is to put them away? I love you, honey!)

So as I was folding laundry the other day, and as the children were both naked, I threw Murray a light-weight shirt and some light-weight shorts for Joon. I said, "Here. These are some nice LIGHT clothes for Joon." Emphasis on light. Trying to reinforce the point that in 100-degree weather, we don't give our children sweaters*.

Murray started to put the clothes on Joon, and she started crying and prostrated herself on the ground. "Noooooo! I want LIGHTS SHIRT, Daddy!!" Oh shoot. Apparently Joon had an entirely different understanding of what "light clothes" meant, and had briefly enjoyed the anticipation of wearing something truly exciting.

All dressed, Joon was still upset. Gulliver loves to take care of his sister, and eager to help, he jumped up, and said, "No, Joon! Look! It GLOWS!"

He then whisked Joon away to the bathroom and closed the door where, once again, her clothing performed well below expectations.

* Murray got a little beat up in this post, so I'll add for his peace of mind and for everyone else's benefit and full understanding, the sweaters comment is a comedic exaggeration. 

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FoxyJ said...

I have storage containers for my kids and rotate their clothes each season. Otherwise I'd spend each morning arguing with my three-year-old about why she can't wear pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Once it gets warm enough, the long-sleeves disappear, and then after a little while the pants do too. Makes life easier for everyone (and less laundry).