More Junabun

I now bring you a series of photos of Junabun still wearing the same sweater. Unintentionally, of course. Actually, I think that as far as sweaters go, this is almost all she has. We have a couple more choices...

Junabun is adorable, but doesn't love to keep bows on her head. Too bad because she's even more adorable with a bow!

Junabun is almost a year now. She weighs 22 pounds and I forget how tall she is... maybe 29?

She loves to explore. If there is a door that is partway open, she makes a break for it. This girl has speed crawling as one of her major talents. My mom describes her as fierce, and that definitely applies! She and Gulliver are starting to play together more. He loves to cheer her on. Also to play fetch. Also to police her. She loves to pull things out of the cupboards and Gulliver loves to take her treasures away from her and say, "No, no, no, no, no Jun! That's Mumma's!"

We're enjoying these fun kids.

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