What is more surprising than a blog post from me these days?

Finding THIS in your kitchen in the morning.

This means that either the Keebler elves got busy in my kitchen last night, or Murray, who was awake with the baby, got desperate enough for sugar cookies to make them himself.

If you know Murray, who never made Kraft Mac n Cheese on his mission because it was "too involved" and who has never understood why you would have to put ingredients in your recipe in a certain order ("they all get mixed in anyway"), then you would understand how incredibly monumental this is!

Not only did I find these cookies but I found the ROLLING PIN. Which means that these are not drop sugar cookies, they are rolled sugar cookies. (I bet he skipped the "refrigerate one hour" step.)

We don't have any cookie cutters though... So I'm wondering what he did about that part.

My favorite part of course is the gigantor cookie over in the corner, which I imagine was made from the dough scraps.

Well done, Murray! You've proven you can make sugar cookies! Next up: Dinner tonight!

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lynette said...

Wow, that made me smile, powdered sugar on top and all. Just saying to compete with your sugar cookies that IS monumental. Bet they taste delicious!

C. said...

Wow, Mac'n'Cheese being too involved. I have no words.

AzĂșcar said...

He rolled crap out?

For real?

Shut the front door.

jeri said...

I'm kind of interested to hear his take on this story now.

And, because I'm sipping some Italian soda right now and thinking of you, I cruised on over to your blog to visit. You know... because we didn't just see each other.

And I didn't hold your baby.

I'm lame.