Gullie gets a pony

Worth the 50 minute wait? Yep.

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erin said...

Harassing you again. Are you going to email me? :)

Love, Erin

bedelia said...

wow, that makes gullie look big.

friends tried to convince me to do the 2 dollar tues, but it is just too crazy and busy!!! We did it once a couple of years ago and I'd just rather spend the money and avoid the crowds.

Melissa said...

He looks all grown up!! Can't believe you waited nearly an hour. Looks like he had a great time!

Cicada said...

We accidentally did two-dollar Tuesday (or in Canadian, twoonie Tuesday). The crowds were AWFUL so we didn't do the dinosaur museum, as planned. Which is actually a good thing because I went with girlfriends, and Murray would actually love to go to the dinosaur museum with Gulliver and me since dinosaurs are one of his big things lately. At least we'll know to avoid Tuesday!! But I kindof want to go tomorrow because I was so excited about the dinosaurs today.

But don't get me wrong. The goats licking/nibbling Gulliver's fingers and him laughing was WELL worth the trip!!